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Business Litigation

Disputes disrupt the daily functions of a business, and when they are not solved in an efficient manner, the business can take a financial loss. The attorneys at Bentley Goodrich Kison have a well-earned reputation and their services are sought by a broad range of business professionals throughout the Sarasota area.

Bentley Goodrich Kison understands the value of timely dispute resolution. The attorneys will tailor a unique strategy that best fits your specific legal needs and sets realistic expectations for your case.

The firm offers comprehensive legal counsel for business owners and professionals in Florida. Bentley Goodrich Kison has the skills and courtroom experience to navigate through the most complex and high-stakes business disputes.

Bentley Goodrich Kison business litigation attorneys undertake work involving:

  • Noncompete agreement/nonsolicitation agreement disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Partnership and LLC disputes/dissolution
  • Physician practice dissolution
  • Restaurant partnership dissolution
  • Corporation representation in high-asset divorce cases
  • Vendor-supplier issues
  • Asset protection
  • Insurance issues
  • Employee-employer issues
  • Copyright, infringement and trademark issues
  • Business formation issues

The lawyers at the firm understand the scope of issues that can disrupt a business. With advice from the team at Bentley Goodrich Kison, you will have the information necessary to make an informed decision for your business and understand the legal options available.


Disputes between individuals and organizations require strategic legal advice in order to be resolved. Bentley Goodrich Kison advocates for business professionals and has a broad range of experience handling commercial disputes. Our attorneys handle disputes involving noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements and provide judicious advice on resolving all legal issues in a timely manner. Bentley Goodrich Kison handles all legal aspects of the situation so that the client can focus on the matters that are most important to the client’s business. The firm always focuses on its clients’ financial interests and goals.

Straightforward Legal Advocacy from A Firm That Offers Comprehensive Business Litigation And Contract Dispute Advice

Noncompete/nonsolicitation agreement disputes can negatively impact an individual’s business in many different ways. The lawyers at Bentley Goodrich Kison have a deep understanding of how to be efficient, yet effective, when handling business contract disputes and related business matters.

Bentley Goodrich Kison has extensive experience working with professionals and business owners in Southwest Florida. The Firm offers comprehensive business/commercial litigation representation, from advice on drafting an airtight agreement to dealing with day-to-day legal needs for the client’s business. The legal needs of the firm’s clients are the team’s top priority, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.


Disputes between businesses and professionals often stem from conflicts involving contracts. If a contract is poorly drafted or the parties are unfamiliar with the terms to which they are agreeing, it can be costly and disruptive to resolve.

Identifying Effective Resolutions, From The Onset

The lawyers at Bentley Goodrich Kison have the necessary skills to effectively negotiate and reach a favorable outcome. The team is conscious of its clients’ business goals and the value of being able to quickly resolve a contract dispute.

The team works diligently to protect its clients’ rights and is mindful of the costs, benefits and drawbacks of pursuing various options.


The dynamics of a business and its day-to-day operations are unique in itself, including the operating agreement. When a partnership or corporation dissolves, it is necessary for the operating partners to have strong legal counsel.Business professionals turn to Bentley Goodrich Kison for straightforward advice and assertive legal counsel. The attorneys at Bentley Goodrich Kison have worked with physicians, restaurant owners and business owners throughout Southwest Florida in partnership dissolution and LLC dissolutions.

Understanding Unique and Sensitive Business Needs

Regardless of the type of business, operating agreements are tailored to meet the needs of the partners at the time the contract is drafted. When a business/practice dissolves, it is in the best interests of the business to have experienced litigation attorneys advocating for its needs. The lawyers at Bentley Goodrich Kison have a firm understanding of the intricacies of the law governing dissolutions and work with clients to minimize the negative impact of a dissolution.

Florida is introducing new laws pertaining to partnership and LLC agreements, and the team at Bentley Goodrich Kison remains at the foreground of these changes. The lawyers at the firm are familiar with the transition laws and know how they apply to the cases they handle.