Real Estate Litigation

Florida’s real estate laws are complex and are continuously changing. Any disputes that arise can become costly if not handled properly. Bentley Goodrich Kison represents clients throughout Southwest Florida in real estate litigation matters.

The real estate litigation lawyers at Bentley Goodrich Kison offer comprehensive legal representation for clients throughout Southwest Florida in matters involving:

  • Landlord-tenant issues
  • Land use litigation
  • HOA (homeowners’ association) litigation
  • Leases
  • Shopping center lease and eviction
  • Land use litigation
  • Zoning issues
  • Construction liens
  • Development rights
  • Impact fees
  • Title insurance
  • Coastal setback issues

Clients retain the representation of Bentley Goodrich Kison to resolve a myriad of real estate disputes. The lawyers of Bentley Goodrich Kison are well positioned to help clients resolve any real estate issue that arises, including:

  • Escrow deposit disputes
  • Performance of contract issues
  • Specific performance and commission disputes

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law

As commercial landlord and tenant issues become progressive and more complex, the legal issues involved in a dispute or procedural issue instantly become much more complicated. The commercial litigators at Bentley Goodrich Kison advocate for commercial landlords and tenants in Southwest Florida and offer a wealth of experience handling the issues involving commercial properties. These issues that commercial landlords and tenants face are completely separate from the issues that residential clients face. At Bentley Goodrich Kison, the team represents commercial clients only. The lawyers are highly knowledgeable of common issues that arise, including:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Special assessments
  • Commercial leases
  • Tax and insurance issues
  • Evictions

The commercial landlord-tenant attorneys at Bentley Goodrich Kison recognize the importance of being able to identify and resolve legal issues in an efficient manner. The team offers comprehensive representation and can advise on issues ranging from lease drafting to evictions. Clients retain the services of Bentley Goodrich Kison with high expectations, and the team at the firm is committed to delivering results.

Issues Involving Land Use/Zoning

The state of Florida has been a forerunner in land use and zoning issues over the past three decades. As a result, a comprehensive and multilayered land use process has been implemented. The system has a number of influencing factors, including state, county and municipal influencers. The team at Bentley Goodrich Kison has a long-standing track record for legal representation in the area of land use and zoning litigation. Bentley Goodrich Kison proudly represents clients in Sarasota and the surrounding Florida areas.

Land Use/Zoning Litigation

Bentley Goodrich Kison’s land use attorneys in Sarasota provide advice on land use/zoning issues and real estate that involves:

  • Property rights issues (Protection for homeowners)
  • Takings litigation (Regulatory and physical)
  • Eminent domain
  • Rezoning

There are layers of legal issues involving land use and zoning in Florida, and without engaging competent legal counsel, there is risk of having a lengthy battle and extensive legal fees. Bentley Goodrich Kison remains in the forefront of land use, zoning and related issues. The lawyers at the firm have proven negotiation skills and extensive experience litigating complex legal issues.

HOA Litigation

Florida has a growing population, and much of the housing units in Florida are represented through condominiums and homeowners’ associations. The rules and regulations for condominiums and homeowners association (HOA) issues are governed by a very intricate system. Likewise, legal issues involving HOA litigation are highly complex.

Bringing A Fresh Perspective to Condo/HOA Disputes

Bentley Goodrich Kison provides legal counsel for clients in association litigation. The attorneys at the firm act in situations that may already involve association legal counsel. The team brings a fresh perspective to complicated issues and brings unique insight when disputes have arisen between the association board and members, in order to assist in reaching a fast, effective resolution.

The team is highly knowledgeable of the unique provisions and regulations of association laws. Bentley Goodrich Kison has experience litigating homeowners’ association disputes and condominium association disputes in Sarasota County and throughout surrounding Southwest Florida areas.

Land Use Litigation

Florida’s land use system is one of the most advanced systems in the country. Accordingly, it is important to retain experienced representation when faced with challenges of this nature. The attorneys of Bentley Goodrich Kison understand the nuances of Florida land use regulations and their impact on clients. The Bentley Goodrich Kison legal team backs a record of success with extensive experience litigating land use issues, including:

  • Special exceptions
  • Rezoning
  • Comprehensive plan issues

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